Coffee Addicts Live Longer, Study Finds

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A new study of half a million people in the U.K. from ages 38 to 74 supports previous findings that coffee drinkers live longer than non-coffee drinkers.

But not only that! The study also finds that people who drink a lot of coffee tend to live longer than people who drink coffee only moderately.

Research by the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health and the Feinberg School of medicine at Northwestern University found a correlation between coffee consumption and life span, reports

The findings suggests the benefits of drinking coffee include:

  • A 20% reduced risk of cancer
  • A 20% reduced risk of Type 2 diabetest
  • A 30% reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease
  • A 5% reduced risk of heart disease

What’s behind the correlation remains in question, however, researchers theorize that coffee drinkers live longer because their lifestyle is generally healthier and more active than that of non-coffee drinkers.

So this all begs the question: how much coffee do I have to drink to see my great grandchildren grow up? And how stained will my teeth be by the time we take graduation photos together?

Welllll, here’s where it gets crazy. 

It doesn’t seem like you can have too much coffee! The health-giving effects of coffee begin to really pile up when you drink as many as 8 or more (!) cups a day, which amounts to half-a-gallon of coffee. That definitely seems like too much.

For those of us who get jittery after even two cups, we assumed people who drink eight cups of coffee a day are dead inside, but we’d be wrong!

If you’re trying to increase your coffee consumption without hitting the ceiling with caffeine jitters, you can try decaf — though the research doesn’t find as many health benefits present in decaf. 

And of course, if you put sugar are artificial creamers in your cup o’ joe, you should cut it out — that stuff’ll kill you.

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