Community Foundation awards more than 500 scholarships to Tri-County students

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WATERTOWN — The Northern New York Community Foundation, in partnership with private donors, 32 public school districts and two private schools, has awarded scholarships to nearly 500 students from Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties that will help them pursue post-secondary educational goals.

Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of donors who continue to make gifts that support Community Foundation scholarships, opportunities for students this year have grown through the establishment of new awards and partnerships. Awards to 492 students in the three counties total more than $900,000. In the past year, donors created 21 new scholarships at the Community Foundation. Another 29 scholarships were transferred to the Foundation from donors and partnering school districts to administer on their behalf.

“Support of educational opportunities in a variety of forms continues to be a long-standing part of the history and heritage of the Community Foundation and remains one of our largest annual investments in the people and future of the North Country,” said Rande S. Richardson, Community Foundation executive director. “Many of these awards also honor the legacies of many caring individuals who believed in the value of making education more accessible.”

In Jefferson County, 256 students from 13 public and two private schools, as well as two home-schooled students, received Community Foundation awards. In Lewis County, 139 students from five public schools were awarded scholarships, and in St. Lawrence County, 97 students from 16 public schools received awards.

An additional 22 students from schools located outside the three counties were awarded scholarships administered through the Northern New York Community Foundation. In most cases, these awards were established by local donors who maintain strong ties to specific out-of-area schools.

Nine scholarships were also awarded to nontraditional students who may be returning to post-secondary studies after a break from school or who are older adults, pursuing college, vocational, or technical education for the first time. Through its partnerships with the 10th Mountain Division Association and the Watertown Rotary Club’s Purple Heart Scholarship program, the Community Foundation facilitated 12 scholarships to students with ties to the U.S. military. The Foundation also administers the Herring College Memorial Fund, which provides freshman scholarships for students pursuing studies in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and related fields. In 2014, the Thousand Islands Foundation became a component fund of the Community Foundation, which now helps to administer scholarships awarded to graduates of Thousand Islands, Alexandria, LaFargeville and Lyme high schools on its behalf.

Additionally, the Community Foundation administers the Jefferson-Can Community Scholars Program in partnership with the Jefferson Community College Foundation and alumnus Stephen Can. The Jefferson-Can Community Scholars Program awards Jefferson and Lewis County high school seniors who are in the top 15 percent of their graduating class a merit-based scholarship for the first two semesters of study at Jefferson Community College. This year, 35 students were named Jefferson-Can Community Scholars.

The Northern New York Community Foundation awards hundreds of scholarships annually and, in many cases, students may receive more than one award from the Community Foundation. All scholarships are made possible through the philanthropic spirit of groups and individuals from across Northern New York.

Scholarships are popular choices for many as a preferred method of charitable giving and are as varied as the individuals and groups that create them. Criteria for many scholarships the Community Foundation stewards include geography, major of study, college or university attended, student achievements and much more. Several scholarships may also serve as a tribute to loved ones. Most important, each scholarship is a gift that supports the education of local students, helping them to pursue their academic goals.

A complete list of available scholarships and the applications for them may be found at The following students, listed by county, school district and type, were awarded a 2019-2020 scholarship:

Jefferson County

Alexandria Central School
Gabrielle Connor
Kelsey Cullen
Toni Denner
Matthew Ford
Mackenzie Hyde
Kailee Knight
Emma Lynch
Dylan O’Connor
Chet Sourwine
Claudia Stone
Hannah Weller
Conner Willix

Belleville-Henderson Central School
Alexis Moyer
Jordan Flagg
Grace Gehrke
Mia Hogan
Brady Maloney
Rachel Newell
Hannah Sugden
Katelyn VanBrocklin

Carthage Central School
Spencer Ames
Emma Covillon
Morgan DeRoshia
Shannon Doherty
Emily Faulk
Rebekka Fifield
Timothy Gittins
Kane Gravelle
Cassondra Hayes
Tiffany Hodge
Carlton Huff
Ryan Kahle
Ciera Lawrence
McKayla Lea
Jakob Millich
William Murphy
Lauren Myer
Madison Myer
McKenzie Myer
Rachael Nevills
Alexis Newman
Lelan O’Brien
Claire Odett
Tianna Parchment
Lucas Piroli
Morgan Ryan
Tyler Saephanh
Steven Sullivan
Jason Uhlinger II
Carole Wilay

Faith Fellowship Christian School
Sarah Hewitt

General Brown Central School
Chase Alexander
Alexis Anderson
Anna Bauter
Shea Black
Tori Brunet
Abigayle Buck
Jenna Buzyniski
Madison Cloonan
Drew Cronk
Reina Guerriero
Haley Harris
Jack Harris
Jacob Heller
Bryce Johnson
Kaylee Johnson
Faith Kirch
Alexander Klindt
Evan Klindt
Blake LaValley
Patrick Loftus
Jeremy Machia
Brooke Mahon
Matthew McManaman
Nicholas Moore
Kyle Nichols
Jillian O’Connell
Nicholas Phelan
Carson Pickeral
Luca Ramos
Jessica Rebelo
Hannah Reinhardt
Mackenzie Rust
Brendon Scordo
Tyler Scordo
Lila Ward
Joseph Wargo
Damien Zawatski

Maria Busky
Monica Reed

Immaculate Heart Central School
Georgia Barton
Benjamin Hutchins
Amanda McElheran
Caroline McPherson
Marialena Mouaikel
Matthew Murrock
Madeleine Rowland
Caleb Way
Mckayla Weber
Justine White

Indian River Central School
Karlee Call
Madison Canell
Jasmine Combs
Chelsea Coss
Abigail Culbertson
Hunter Czajkowski
Erika Elcsisin
Savannah Hall
Serenity Mills
Shauna Parkinson
Cameron Strock
Maia Tsuji
McKenzie Whitmore
Abigail Welch

LaFargeville Central School
Rachel Davis
Jace Eisele
Maria Foisy
Isahic McGraw
Shayla Ormsby
Katie Ryan
Isabella Soluri
Joshua Stowell
Emma Timerman
Madeline Timerman
Lori Vandervoet

Lyme Central School
Ryan Aubertine
Morgan Goutremout
Vita Liakhovitch
Nadia Moore
Grace O’Donnell
Rikki Wallace
Padraic Williams
Ashlie Willis

Sackets Harbor Central School
Niklas Brazie
Grayden Brunet
Brooke Christie
Adam Gayne
Mason Marsala
Kyler Martin
Annika Menapace
Maximus Mintz
Alex Pisarski
Hannah Pitcher
Nimue Rimiller

South Jefferson Central School
Hanna Ambrose
Elaina Berlin
Anna Bica
Ryan Blevins
Leah Briones-Cooper
Paige Crandall
Nicole Daniels
Brooke Dorazio
Taylor Edgar
Paul Fairchild
Laura Fowler
Alexys Gayne
Keyara Gibson
Shaunte Gregoire
Alexus Hainline
Benjamin Hare
Sydney Havens
Hailey Honohan
Clara Marlowe
Nathaniel Matteson
Sydney Mayne
Hannah McNamara
Madison Newkirch
Noah Newton
Anthony Paroubek
Lily Putnam
Jessie Richardson
Crystal Rivers
Arianna Robertson
Michaela Rounds
Mitchell Scoville
Natalie Strough
Abigail Sullivan
Madison Thomas
Riley Williams

Thousand Islands Central School
Madyson Amo
Matthew Barton
Logan Beerman
Jessica Bourcy
Michael Briggs
Sabrina Burns
Colby Burrows
Jason Byers
Ryan Cassidy
Emilee Clement
Lily Connerton
Aden Crimmins
Kelsy Dennie
Quinn Gaffney
Alana Hoover
Anna Hoover
Hannah Ingerson
Sydney Langkabel
Emily Locke
McKenna MacKay
MikaelAnn Melfi
Kate Oliver
Duncan Richardson
Antonio Rodriguez
Eliot Stapes
Ariana Strong
Thomas Turgeon
Tyler Turgeon
Kira Votra

Watertown City Schools
Jaden Anderson
Mercedes Bishop
Jake Cavellier
Nicholas Chapman
Alexis Charlton
Sarah Davis
Shelby-Lynn Farman
Kehinde Fasehun
Sofya Fionova
Ethan Fiorentino
Lauren Flick
Joel Fox
Maggie Fredenburg
Akasha Gaige
Madeline Gist
Kiara Guevara
Dylan Hudon
Ike Jamieson
Scott Johnson
Ally Kilburn
Julian Kucharski
Julia Lavarnway
Spencer Lavin
Joseph Longamore
Justice Mandigo
Daniela Martelo
Kaitlyn Martin
Sebastian Mastin
Andrea Martinez-Garcia
Autumn McAllister
Richard Neddo
Samantha Noble
Jarrod O’Connor
Abrianna Parson
Rozanna Pasowicz
Autumn Pierce
Joshua Rainbolt
Gabrielle Rarick
Joel Robare
Jonah Seymour
Reagen Shean
Ryder Simser
Jaden Smith
Xandria Smith
Ryan Sprague
Kaitlynn Stevens
Alijah Trombley
Zachary Yauchler

Lewis County

Beaver River Central School
Lesley Aucter
Drew Baker
Emily Beck
Raegen Becker
Kelsey Bowers
Jordan Cornell
Connor Demo
Jillienne Duell
Kirsten Joslin
Ruby Kloster
Leah Lapp
Caitlin Lashbrooks
Camille Ledoux
Emily Lighthall
Thomas Meyer
Trent Meyer
Seth Miller
Wyatt Mullin
Shauna Rice
Skylar Schmitt
Julia Schwendy
Delaney VanNest
Megan Walseman
Emily Ward
Erin Ward
Clare Woolschlager

Copenhagen Central School
Olivia Aubin
Ashley Young

Harrisville Central School
Phillip Kramer
Desirae Roberts
Bethany Shampine
Kyle Stearne

Lowville Academy and Central School
Aleigha Allen
Alexis Bach
Jacen Baldwin
Jordan Bergen
Brianna Berrus
Jason Beyer
William Beyer
Emma Bleakley
Hannah Bonbrest
May Buckingham
Angelina Burgy
Cierra Cannan
Joel Cavanagh
Audrey Clements
Jeremy Dening
Margaret Fayle
Brianna Finn
Emily Finn
Vanessa Foulke
Vera Freda
Lindsey Golas
Sarah Haggett
Alyssa Hamburg
Emma Hellinger
Jordynn Hellinger
Madison Hellinger
Sarah Hurley
Hope Kelly
Micah Kelly
Maryam Kirch
Emily Kogut
Bondeana LaMont
Shayna Laribee
Kiersten Lehman
Madeline Lehman
Trevor Lehman
Anna Lyndaker
Catherine Lyndaker
Chase Lyndaker
Emily Lyndaker
McKailey Lyndaker
Sarah Lyndaker
Bryanna Malbouf
Elizabeth Mallette
Jared Malone
Caleb Mayer
Daniel Mayer
Morgan McAleese
Steven McHarg
Anna Metzler
Nathan Mooney
Chelsea Munger
Joshua Myers
Kaylee Nortz
Melissa Nortz
Nicole O’Connor
Jenna Ortlieb
Kristian Papineau
Michael Peebles
Zoe Purcell
Rebecca Reape
Ryan Reed
Meghan Rhubart
Gabriel Rivers
Samuel Rivers
Abigail Rockwood
Hannah Rockwood
Martha Roes
Tyler Rook
Hannah Root
Jack Samsa
Rebecca Sawler
Hanna Sellick
Tess Smith
Nakayla Souva
Caroline St. Croix
Hattie Steele
Jennifer Steele
Natalie Sweeney
Kaylee Tabolt
MaKenna Thisse
Alex Thomas
Danielle Thomas
Brett Tiffany
Storm Turck
Janelle Valentine
Hudson White
Casey Woods
Nolan Yancey
Kalani Zehr
Bailey Zicari
Charley Zicari

South Lewis Central School
Hannah Barrows
Aimee Craddock
Brooke Everson
Morgan Feisthamel
Alexis Hill
Andrew Hoffman
Elaina Mackenzie
Jordyn Makuch
Elizabeth McGuire
Lydia Metzler
Alayna Munn
Alexis Payne
Keegan Poste
Vashta Smith
Nikiesha Spann

St. Lawrence County

Canton Central School
Emma Bortnick
Autumn Crabtree
Kendall DeSantis
Maya Goldie
Alfredo Guzman
Noah Longshore
Riley OShea
Emma Trulock

Clifton-Fine Central School
Makenna Hitchman
Lydia Kerr
Diamond Marshall
Zana Northrop

Colton-Pierrepont Central School
Shannon Brown
Andrew Edwards
Claire Rousell
Grace Rousell
Madeline Rousell
Logan Reed

Edwards-Knox Central School
Chakriya Thomas
Spencer Thomas

Gouverneur Central School
Grace Cummings
Diana Griffith
Kurtis Knight
Keegan Matthews
Elaina Porter
Abigail Riutta

Hammond Central School
Brandy Milsap
Amanda Pease

Hermon-DeKalb Central School
Kari Hance

Heuvelton Central School
Hanna Ceresoli
Chloe Combs
Alexa Kiah
Emmalie Ladouceur

Lisbon Central School
Austin Bleau
Cassandra Bolesh
Tristen Cruickshank
Adrian Duvall
Dana Olmstead
Abbie Thompson
Lauren Truesdell

Madrid-Waddington Central School
Braydon Bush
Camryn Chester
Madelin Doelger
Grace LePage
Cheyenne Planty
Simon Roome
Morgan Sabre
Kellsie Tiernan

Massena Central School
Danielle Eggleston
Hayden Hoerner
Aaron Izquierdo-Vieths
Joseph Marcello
Matthew Polarolo
Alayna Taraska
Octavia Viskovich
Jeremiah Von Borstel

Norwood-Norfolk Central School
Jesse Allen
Olivia Eng
Skylar Fetter
Grace Furnace
Caitlin Layaw
Sydney Levison
Lily Parmeter
Isabelle Phippen
Blake Richards
Avery Sharlow
Alyssia Simons
Abigail Tessier
Grace Vari
Maisie Voss

Ogdensburg Free Academy
Logan Brooks
Nolan Hogle
Nick LaCombe
Caroline Lalone
Madison McCormick
Natalie McCormick
Maria Pelusi
Abby Refici
Shelby Ross

Parishville-Hopkinton Central School
Sarah Kearney
Ashton Snell

Potsdam Central School
Dustin Grant
Leah Manley
Gavin Mattimore
Cole Murray
Olivia Scott
Lauren Shipp
Emilee Smith
Ruth Stevenson

St. Lawrence Central School
Daisy Bissonette
Hannah Crump
Leah Francis
Jacinta Gomes
Sidney Guerard
Aleea Larock
Margarita Miner
Kolby Perkins

Nontraditional Students

Issa Alzouma
Meggin Burns
Brandon Freeman
Brandie Kline
Kathy Lambright
Abigail Savage
Andrea Smith
Sara Sun
Tyler Zehr

10th Mountain Division (Light) Scholarship Fund
Rachel Ball
Danielle Balogh
Noemi Cerritos-Gatto
Riley Ferree
Abby Heitkamp
Abigail Manns
Tyler McWilliams
Elizabeth Payne
Shireen Thapa

Watertown Rotary Purple Heart Scholarship
Kayla Burns
Morgan Gilbert
John Hunter

Watertown Lyric Theater Summer Programs

Jodi Castello (Harmony University)
Phoebe Hall (Lakeside A Cappella Camp)

Outside tri-county area

Adirondack Central School
Trevor Backer
Hunter Carr
Grace Chambers
Rylee Croniser
Lauren Esch
Hayden Flinchum
Samuel Howanietz
Alexander Jackson
Elizabeth Lawrence
Brooke Leichty
Isaac Martin
Cali McConnell
Austyn Platt
Abigail Scouten
Vanessa Slone
McKenzie Spoor

Cicero-North Syracuse Central School (Cicero)
Mary Lazarek

Pulaski Academy & Central School (Pulaski)
Daniel Novak
Dominique Robinson

Monument Mountain Regional High School
(Great Barrington, Mass.)
Dylan Brownson
William Casarsa
Anna Drucker

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