Crisis Response Kits Provided To Indian River School District

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Philadelphia, NY, May 2, 2018– Indian River Ambulance Service, Inc. in conjunction with Emergency Response and Civic Organizations throughout the Indian River School District, have purchased 30 Crisis Response kits for the Indian River School District. Each kit comes with tools to be used if a catastrophic event occurs in a school building. The kits and their value will be presented to the Advanced Health Class at the Indian River High School, Friday, May 4, 2018 at 9:55am.

“As a community we know the school district is superiorly prepared for nearly any catastrophic incident that may arise. We wanted to show our support to this remarkable school district. These kits represent that support. If needed, these kits may save precious lives.”

In major catastrophic incidents involving schools we have learned there is a lapse from the start of the incident to when emergency medical providers will be allowed access to potential patients. These kits hold tools that trained school staffers can use in that time to prevent massive blood loss, reduce potential breathing issues, and perform a basic triage. By doing these three things the number of casualties can be significantly reduced.

Community partners that provided financial support for the purchase of 30 Crisis Response Kits came from: Antwerp Fire Dept., Antwerp Masons, Calcium Fire Dept. Evans Mills Fire Dept., Evans Mills Fire Dist., Evans Mills Lions, Oxbow Fire Dept., Philadelphia Fire Dept., Philadelphia Masons, Theresa Fire Dept., Theresa Progression Group, Theresa Rotary.

Indian River Ambulance Service, Inc. serves the Antwerp, Philadelphia and Theresa Communities with Quality, Compassionate Care When It’s Needed Most.

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