The daughter of the woman who was convicted of trying to hire a hit man says her mom should be let out of prison. Back in 2014, Melisa Schonfield tried to have the father of her daughter’s baby killed.

What Schonfield didn’t know is that the man she tried to have do the job was an undercover Jefferson County Sheriff’s detective. The potential victim lived in Florida at the time, and court documents revealed Schonfield told the detective to throw the father’s body “to the alligators.”

Schonfield eventually pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted murder. Now, Her daughter Alexis is petitioning for her mother’s early release due to several medical-related issues.

An attorney claims Melisa isn’t receiving the proper care she requires. And Alexis told the Times she is afraid her mother will “come out beaten, and almost feeling defeated and lost.” There is also an online petition to show support for Melisa Schonfield’s release, which reportedly has 74 signatures as of Wednesday.