Fall Harvest Check-In

Local News

PENFIELD, N.Y. (WROC-TV) – Apples are one of the many favorites of the fall harvest. A harvest, many experts were nervous about after a wild swing in weather from cold, to hot and dry, to heavy rain.

But worry not, everything appears to be on schedule.    

“We’re probably there now. Probably in the next couple weeks.” said Walter Nelson, Horticulturist for Cornell Cooperative Extension, “September is the bridge month where you still get a lot of the summer crops but the fall crops are starting to show up.”

All that said, the excessive summer heat will have a distinct impact on how local crops taste this fall.

“That builds a lot of sugars, whether it be grapes or apples or the peaches, just really, really nice and sweet,” said Nelson.

The local harvest may also appear slightly smaller than year’s past due to a lack of rain earlier this summer.

But that hasn’t impacted a new variety of Honeycrisp apples fresh on the market, seen at places like Burnap’s Farm Market in Sodus and Schutt’s Apple Mill in Penfield.

“People are just excited. They’re ready to buy apples and they want to buy them. So they come in and are like “Oh, you have them, you have them! We’re buying them!” said Kendra Burnap, owner at Burnap’s Farm Market.

A genetic mutation has them three weeks ahead of their traditional schedule, leaving the rest of the fall harvest to catch up.

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