Family of three children killed in Rome fire is distraught after their loss

Local News


Rome, NY (WSYR-TV) – The family of Temprince, 2, Patrick, 3, and Eliesse Croad, 4, is left broken and distraught over their loss.

“I feel a blank is going through my mind. Like I don’t want to think that they’re gone. I don’t want to think that I’m never going to see them again,” said Tiffany Townsend, the cousin of Patrick Croad, the father of the three children.

Tiffany and her family live just two doors down from the family, so not only did their kids play together, they were best friends.

“I’m scared to tell my daughter. My daughter just lost a brother. I don’t want to tell her this. It’s going to be hard,” said Townsend, “they’re my three little angels now that will look over everybody. That will watch over everybody they were amazing.”

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