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Fort Drum recently released its annual economic impact statement which reported that direct spending in the three-county region amounted to S 1,185,191,930 – a decrease of 3% over 2015.

” We want to share that the total economic impact of Fort Drum including indirect spending results is a much higher number!“ said Brian Ashley, Executive Director of the Fort Drum Regional Liaison Organization.

“Again this year the Jefferson County Planning Department uses a tool to estimate the total regional Impact by utilizing a model developed specifically for FDRLO by the Economic Research Group from Boston MA to look at the impact of Fort Drum spending outside the post gate.” said Mr. Ashley.

In 2016, Fort Drums spending stimulated $387 million dollars in additional economic activity, that includes spending by Fort Drums civilian and military personnel, as well as retirees; local business purchases and payroll resulting from Fort Drum related income, and spending by the employees of those local businesses whose jobs exist because of Fort Drum.

With this additional activity, Fort Drum’s Total economic impact is actually $1,633,400,000.

In fact there are 6,297 North Country residents who don’t work on Fort Drum, but whose jobs exist because of Fort Drum. Those 6,297 are associated with $232 million in total wages. While Fort Drum’s direct spending may have decreased, the number of jobs supported by Fort Drum in the broader North Country economy actually increased by 324 over last year!

Mission: To protect and enhance Fort Drum’s military value, sustain and leverage its economic and cultural significance to the Fort Drum region and New York State, and foster effective communication between the installation and its civilian neighbors to promote mutual support and understanding.

The impacts are estimated using an IMPLAN input\output modeling tool developed by Economic Development Research Group, Inc. under contract with the Fort Drum Regional Liaison Organization. Multipliers trace the impact of military and civilian payroll, as well as Fort Drum construction and non-construction expenditures through the regional economy.

So what does this mean? Direct Impacts are comprised of payroll for military and civilian on-post employees, including contract workers, and non-payroll spending by Fort Drum to vendors providing goods and services to Fort Drum. Indirect Impacts are additional, off-base jobs and income supported by Fort Drum’s purchasing of services and supplies from businesses located within the region. Lastly, Induced Impacts are the re-spending of wages associated with both direct and indirect impacts. As workers re-spond their income on consumer purchases, they generate business sales and employment in other sectors of the economy.

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