Four accused of breaking into Metro Paper in Carthage

Local News

Police in Carthage say they arrested four people who broke into Metro Paper last week.

According to officers, the four broke in last Wednesday night.

Twenty-three-year-old Manuel Lugo of the Bronx is accused of setting off a fire extinguisher while inside the factory, he was also arrested Friday night for driving without a license and for having a stun gun on him.

Twenty-two-year-old Britney Alvardo of Spring Hill, Florida is also accused of breaking into Metro Paper, she is also said to have given two kids cans of Busch Beer.

Officers charged Carthage residents 19-year-old Russell Hutchins III and 19-year-old John Adams with trespassing into the factory as well.

All four are due to answer the charges in Carthage Village Court later this month.

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