Golf Club pulls out of potential deal with city of Watertown amid ‘bad press’

Local News
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In a letter to the city, the Watertown Golf Club stated it is withdrawing “from all upcoming negotiations.”

The golf course’s board claimed that it wasn’t looking for a “bail out” and that it was moving on from talks due to public backlash.

City manager Sharon Addison told the Watertown Daily Times that the deal “caught bad press.”

Previously, the city had been pursuing buying nine holes, which would have given it ownership of all 18. Initially the plan was to buy the 60-plus acres and then lease the course back to the club. But three councilmembers changed positions and decided they would rather the city purchase the holes without the leasing option.

Councilman Mark Walczyk labled that plan a buyout and was the original lone-vote against the move.

Club officials told 7 News they are still figuring out future plans and that “no decisions have been made.”

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