Heart Warm NNY

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I worked in the office of the Watertown Post Office for several years. For a few years the Postmaster Warren Johnson would let 3-5 employees answer the letters to Santa, we had some stationary and a simple letter was returned to the child. A carrier that was reading one of these letters came up and spoke with Postmaster Johnson, it was in a childs handwriting and it stated that he wanted nothing for himself but was wondering if Santa could please help out my mother and brother, they had just moved into an apartment and had no furniture or food. It was quite a heartbreaking letter, so they decided to check things out. The carrier went to visit the family and sure enough they had nothing. Every year the carriers would sponsor needy families with gifts and food, they made this one of the families to help. What was so amazing was how everyone in the building jumped into action and helped out, the carrier was able to get beds donated by a local furniture company including the bedding, collections were made and every employee that was asked donated, they used the money for furniture, food, and gifts. I believe that family had the best Christmas ever and the sense of charity from all the employees was so overwhelming, it made me proud to be part of the postal family and to see how much compassion that everyone showed to this family! It all took place within 2 days, just in time for Christmas!

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