JCC Awarded National Endowment for the Humanities Grant

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Jefferson Community College (JCC) is one of 13 colleges, and the only SUNY (State University of New York) community college, to be awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Dialogues on the Experience of War grant totaling $95,090. The purpose of the NEH grant is to support the study and discussion of important humanities sources about war in the belief that these sources can help U.S. military veterans and others think more deeply about issues raised by war and military services.

The Dialogues on the Experience of War program paves the way for Jefferson to offer a new course for combat veterans – Dialogues of Honor and Sacrifice (DHS): Soldiers’ Experiences in the Civil War and the Vietnam War. DHS guides students to a deeper understanding of their experiences through the humanities including literature, film, art, and music depicting soldiers in combat and returning home. It is a 15-week, full semester, course held on Jefferson’s campus. The course will begin Fall 2018 semester and includes a trip to Washington D.C. and Gettysburg, P.A. Classes begin August 27 and registration is open.

“The best way for us to show our appreciation for our student veterans service is helping them gain a greater appreciation for what they have done on behalf of all of us,” says Craig A. McNamara, Veterans Services Education Coordinator. “This course is the best opportunity we’ve had at doing that and we are thrilled to make this available to our student veterans.” 

“The course at JCC will allow combat veterans to put their experience into historical perspective,” says Dr. Ronald Palmer, professor of history at JCC and project director. “Although each person’s experience in war is unique, there are commonalities and this course allows students to examine these through different lenses of the humanities.”

Veterans comprise over 15% of the total student population at Jefferson.

For more information about the course for combat veterans offered at JCC, please contact Dr. Ronald Palmer at (315) 786-2270 / rpalmer@sunyjefferson.edu or the Veterans Services Office at JCC, (315) 786-2363.

Dialogues on the Experience of War has been made possible in part by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Exploring the human endeavor. NEH grant awards support advanced scholarship research, the documentation of endangered languages, humanities programs for veterans, and the perservation of historic collections.

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