Jenne Proposes Fort Drum Wind Farm ban Bill

Local News

Assemblywoman Addie Jenne submitted an amended bill she proposed earlier this year that would ban state subsidies for wind projects in specific areas that could affect Fort Drum’s radar systems. The bill passed the Energy Committee and is now waiting to be voted on by the full Assembly. Jenne told 7 News that there are about ten new proposed wind farms have been or are under construction around Fort Drum that have a major impact on training operations.

The bill would affect projects within ten miles of Wheeler-Sack Army airfield and within 15 miles of the Montague Doppler Weather Radar in the town of Lowville. Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush was one of four committee members to oppose the bill, saying it still needs more details as to exactly which wind projects would be okay and which projects would interfere too much with Fort Drum.

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