Jury deliberations are scheduled for today for the Breanna Simpson murder trial

Local News
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Following testimony that lasted for over a week, jury deliberations are scheduled to begin today in the Breanna Simpson murder trial. The prosecution rested it’s case Tuesday morning and the defense took over. Defense Attorney Seth Buchman immediately asked the judge to dismiss the case, citing both possible perjury by some prosecution witnesses and claims that the prosecution did not prove it’s case. That motion was denied. Buchman called only a few witnesses to the stand. They testified about the history of domestic violence that existed between Simpson and Henry Perkins Jr. Buchman has maintained that the stabbing of Perkins was an act of self defense by Simpson. She did not take the stand in her own defense. Closing arguments are scheduled for the start of court proceedings today, at which point the jury will begin it’s deliberations. Simpson is charged with second degree murder for the fatal stabbing of Perkins in a Downtown Watertown apartment back in June 2013.

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