Lowville Water Problems Worsening

Local News

Lowville’s water problems are getting worse.

Village officials say the water situation has gotten critical & are ordering users in other communities to reduce their consumption until further notice. The order affects people on the village’s water system in the towns of Lowville, Watson, New Bremen and Martinsburg. The village’s tank normally holds 20 feet of water, but the level is now below 8 feet & those levels will continue to drop because officials expect to have high water flows in the next few days. Officials also blamed recent heavy rains that have stirred up the water supply, making it difficult to the filtration system to keep up. A large part of that “extreme consumption” is a new string cheese line at the Kraft Heinz plant that has increased the plant’s water use to about 800,000 gallons of water. Water customers are being ordered not to haul water, wash cars, fill swimming pools, or water lawns. Officials say people who violate the mandatory water reduction order will be subject to fines.

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