GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A walk down Glen Street in downtown Glens Falls looks similar in December 2021 to how it did in mid-2020.

Doors are marked with signs, reminding passersby that they live in a post-COVID-19 world, and have to act like it. This time, exactly what that means has changed.

This week, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul instated a mandate asking all indoor businesses in New York to require either face masks or proof of vaccination from all visitors. In the North Country, that’s been met with mixed reactions, with Warren and Washington counties both saying they lack the resources to enforce the mandate but encouraging individual businesses to set their own rules as per the mandate.

Here’s a look at what some businesses in Glens Falls and the surrounding areas have decided to do in light of the mandate from Gov. Hochul’s office.

Note: This list may be updated as information on more businesses is gathered.

Downtown Glens Falls restaurants and shops

Businesses where all customers must wear a face mask regardless of vaccination status
  • Davidson Brothers Brewpub
  • Downtown City Tavern
  • Fountain Square Outfitters
  • Kru Coffee Roasters
  • Lake George Olive Oil Co.
  • Mean Max Brew Works
  • Mikado
  • Minky Mink
  • Raul’s Mexican Grill
  • Rude Betty
  • Spot Coffee
Businesses where all customers must present proof of vaccination status
  • Downtown Social


  • Charles R. Wood Theater
    • The Charles R. Wood Theater in Glens Falls requires all visitors to wear face masks regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status.
  • Cool Insuring Arena
    • The arena requires all visitors to wear masks. Currently, some upcoming hockey games have been postponed due to COVID-19 cases within the Adirondack Thunder.
  • Crandall Public Library
    • The Crandall Public Library requires all patrons to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.
  • The Park Theater
    • The Park Theater in Glens Falls already required proof of vaccination status, and has for all events there since September; however, they are upping the ante. Visitors to upcoming shows at the Park Theater will be required to show proof of full vaccination; previously, they required proof of at least one vaccine dose.
  • The Strand Theatre
    • The Strand Theatre in Hudson Falls resuires all visitors to wear face masks regardless of vaccination status.


  • Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center
    • Fort William Henry in Lake George is requiring all hotel guests to wear a face mask, regardless of vaccination status. Masks or proof of vaccination for weddings and other events held there will depend on the individual event.
  • Glens Falls National Bank
    • All visitors must wear a face mask.
  • The Queensbury Hotel
    • The Queensbury Hotel in Glens Falls is requiring all visitors to wear a face mask, regardless of vaccination status.