Mutt Monday: Harley

Local News

Harley is a seven month old female pit bull mix.  She has a sweet and energetic disposition.  Contrary to many of the myths surrounding the pit bull, this breed makes a very good, loyal and dependable pet.  The key to a successful “marriage” between any pet and their adoptive family is the development of relationship.  The animal must understand the nature of the relationship is one of trust and consistency.  A pit bull will respond lovingly to consistent training with expected outcomes.  Adopting a pit bull should be fun and joyful, so we’ve created a list of handy tips to help you make good choices. Socialization is the key to a happy and confident dog. All puppies should be enrolled in a puppy class where part of the time is devoted to off-leash play with other dogs. Pit bulls are enthusiastic learners. They enjoy trick training and many graduate at the head of their obedience classes. There are many pit bull rescue groups that can recommend training classes. It’s play time! Pits are moderately active indoors and extremely active outdoors—be prepared to spend a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes twice a day engaged in aerobic-level activities with your dog. If you think all of these issues are a possibility for Harley, you and your family then consider making your home Harley’s new home!  Stop by the shelter for more information and a face to face meeting with this loveable gal!

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