Mutt Monday: Jaylo

Local News
Jaylo Cat_-6125290052959451234

Jaylo is a one and a half year old female that was dropped off at the Shelter who is in need of a home.  During these cold days (Coldest in our history for the month of February), we encourage pet owners to make sure their outdoor pets and farm animals have plenty of fresh water each day, plenty of food (we all burn more calories when it’s cold and our bodies are trying to stay warm), and adequate shelter from the wind and elements.  Indoor pets should be allowed out in the subzero temperatures for no more than you could tolerate (generally 5-8 minutes).  Pay attention to your pet’s body language.  If they are lifting paws they are cold.  Let them in.  Frost bite can take it’s toll on our pets and animals.  For more information on adoptable animals, check our web page at and make a visit to the shelter or our adoption center at PETCO.

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