New York Assemblyman introduces plan to freeze taxes and eliminate certain taxes and charges

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ALBANY, N.Y. (WETM) – A proposal was introduced in the New York State Legislature to freeze taxes and eliminate a charge on utility bills.

State Assemblyman Phil Palmesano introduced the proposal known as the “Tax Relief Plan.” The plan would freeze property taxes for seniors 62 and over, earning less than $120,000 a year.

It would prevent new taxes from being imposed without 3/5 of the legislature’s approval.

The proposal also includes eliminating a utility surcharge known as the 18-A surcharge. Palmesano said the charge responsible for some of the highest utility charges in the United States.

Palmesano reached out to his Democratic colleagues, “to join us and support affordability, promote opportunity and prevent the next million new yorkers from fleeing the state.”

The plan would also put a permament tax cap on property taxes and be coupled with a three-year ban on unfunded mandates. The mandates are costs the governor requires municipalities and school districts to pay.

In addition, School Tax Rebate checks, or STAR checks, would increase by 25 percent. There is no word on how the increase would be made possible.

Medicaid costs would also be shifted to the state that Palmesano said would generate billions in municipal savings that would then turn into savings to homeowners.

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