NY AG says Salmon Run Mall pet store sold “unfit” pets, denied customers refunds

Local News

The state’s Attorney General has turned his attention to the parent company of the pet store in Salmon Run Mall in Watertown.

Eric Schneiderman has ordered Bell Pet Company, which owns The Pet Zone, to stop denying customer’s requests for refunds or reimbursement.

The AG says Bell Pet’s stores, including The Pet Zone, refused customer’s their right to enact the Pet Lemon Law, which is the legal measure allowing pet owners to return pets that are deemed too ill or “unfit” for sale by a veterinarian. According to the AG, the stores would instead instruct customers to file insurance or even warranty cliams rather than accept a full refund.

If you have had issues with the store in the mall, contact the AG’s local office at 315-523-6080.

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