Ogdensburg International Airport Sets New 30,000 Passenger Record 2018

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OGDENSBURG, NY July 13, 2018 – Ogdensburg International Airport welcomed its 30,000th passenger Lina Roussel, of Valleyfield, Quebec who was traveling to Orlando, Florida with her son, Olivier Leone and accompanied by her friend from work Carole Fortin and her son William Leger. As the 30,000th passenger si far this year from Ogdensburg International, Ms. Roussel and her party won the cost of their flights and free valet parking as a thank you for flying through OGS.

“This was great!” said Ms. Roussel. “This really makes the trip. So many people from work are starting to travel out of OGS. Several of my colleagues flew to Florida from here a couple of weeks ago and another one just booked her ticket for November. What a wonderful experience!” 

“We can’t thank these passengers enough who have decided that flying out of OGS is cost effective, a time-saving and customer friendly experience,” said Chairman Samuel J. LaMacchia, “Our future is built on those principles.” Airport Committee member Vernon “Sam” Burns, agreed “To all those passengers that have used Ogdensburg International Airport, thank you and the OBPA will continue to provide top notch service for your air traveling needs! I would like to congratulate the entire OBPA staff, Allegiant, Cape Air and our elected officials that have supported the expansion of the Ogdensburg International Airport.”

“At Ogdensburg International Airport we are all about the passenger’s experience and top-notch personal service.” said Wade A. Davis Executive Director “We are extremely grateful for the thousands upon thousands of new U.S. and Canadian passengers now utilizing Ogdensburg International Airport as this directly benefits the region.”

Oversight of the Ogdensburg Bridge & Port Authority is provided through the hard work and dedicated efforts of the Authority’s Board of Directors including Samuel J. LaMacchia, Chairman Douglas W. Loffler, Vernon “Sam” Burns, Megan Whitton, Christopher Coffin and the Authority’s Executive Director Wade A. Davis. The Authority’s mission is to manage regional infrastructure while working with the private sector to create jobs and investment. 

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