Ogdensburg International Airport welcomes 125,000th passenger since 2016 expansion

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OGDENSBURG, NY, April 15, 2019 – Ogdensburg International Airport welcomed its 125,000th passenger since its 2016 airport expansion reaching another first in the airport’s history. The historic passenger recognition event was a tie as two parties entered the terminal simultaneously. Richard A. Coleman and Tammy L Coleman, of Colton, New York, and Laura Chapman of Sidney, Nova Scotia and Maureen O’Brien, of Metcalfe Ontario won the cost of their flights to Florida as a thank you for flying through OGS.

“This is our first time through Ogdensburg International Airport and it is quite excellent” said Mrs.Coleman. Ms. O’Brien agreed “Easy in, easy out, and Ogdensburg International Airport is awesome! The experience and the staff are so wonderful.”

“We thank everyone who flies out and into our airport as we continue to serve the needs of the North Country and Canadian Public “said Chairman Vernon “Sam” Burns. “We must continue increasing flight and destinations from our airport to become the economic engine we all hope for”. Airport Manager Stephanie L. Saracco agreed “It is so exciting to celebrate such a milestone at OGS and I am looking forward to future successes and continued growth.”

“Thank you to all the Canadian and US passengers that have used Ogdensburg International Airport and thank you to our elected officials that have supported and continue to support the expansion of the Ogdensburg International Airport.”said Wade A. Davis Executive Director “We are extremely grateful for the thousands upon thousands of new U.S. and Canadian passengers utilizing Ogdensburg International Airport as this directly benefits the region. At Ogdensburg International Airport we are all about the passenger’s experience and top-notch personal service”.

Oversight of the Ogdensburg Bridge & Port Authority is provided through the hard work and dedicated efforts of the Authority’s Board of Directors including: Chairman Vernon “Sam” Burns, Megan Whitton, Christopher Coffin, David King, Joseph Andriano, and the Authority’s Executive Director Wade A. Davis. The Authority’s mission is to manage regional infrastructure while working with the private sector to create jobs and investment.

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