Parents, teachers react to reports claiming federal funds could buy guns for schools

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ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Parents and teachers across the Capital Region disagree with reports that claim the Education Secretary is considering allowing states to use federal money to buy guns for teachers.

“It’s reckless, and it’s dangerous,” New York State United Teachers spokesman Carl Korn said.

“Maybe a need for more police presence or more security in schools,” resident Patrick Cremmins said. “Giving guns to teachers. That’s not what they’re trained for.”

According to The New York Times and the Washington Post, Besty DeVos is considering a new plan to allow federal education funds to go toward putting guns in schools.

“Money to help kids learn and improve their academic achievements should not be hijacked and diverted to arm teachers,” Korn said.

Korn said out of the thousands of teachers NYSUT represents, he has yet to hear one teacher say they are comfortable with the possibility.

“I think it promotes violence, and it sets a negative example for students in the classroom,” educator Dr. DeShawn McGarrity said.

Dr. McGarrity said it is a short-term solution to a long-term problem and there are better ways the Department of Education can use the funds to keep schools safe.

“Providing faculty development, teacher development, administrative development, and training that is a little bit more proactive than just carrying a gun,” he suggested.

It’s unknown if Devos’s consideration would be taken seriously, but research shows that guns in school would actually create more deaths by a firearm.

After speaking to a number of teachers, Korn said the opportunity for a gun to be misused or an accident to happen is something that they don’t want to entertain.

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