Plans for renovating the Watertown Municipal Arena doesn’t appear to have the votes to continue

Local News
Mayor Jeffery Graham_-1976428917986409938

Watertown City Mayor Jeff Graham says he doesn’t believe the votes are there to move ahead with the planned renovations to the Watertown Municipal Arena and is looking at alternatives. The bids for the project were opened a week ago and the cost at that time came in at $8.85 million. It’s now expected the city could spend upward of $10 million for the work. While three members of the council, Graham, Councilman Steve Jennings, and Councilwoman Roxanne Burns, support the project, a super majority on the council is needed to bond out the project. Councilman Joe Butler Jr. and Councilwoman Macaluso say the cost is too high. In a statement on his blog, Graham says he has instructed the city manager to draft resolutions rejecting the four bids and distribute them to other council members today, ahead of next Monday’s meeting. The goal apparently is to try to salvage some of the project, including fixing up the arena’s leaking roof. The council will discuss the matter at their Monday night meeting.

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