Residents Ask City Council Why Road Repairs Are Ignored

Local News

Residents on Pawling Street attended this weeks Watertown City Council meeting to find out why their requests for road repairs have been ignored.

According to the Watertown Times, along the 300 and 400 block, cracks have formed in the road, pavement is missing and potholes are getting bigger.

A handful of cobblestones from the time the street was first constructed can even be seen at the bottom of a crater-like hole. Other dead-end streets get similar treatment.

Haney and nearby Moffett Street also are in need of repairs. The City’s Public Works Superintendent Eugene Hayes stated that more high-traveled city roads get more attention because dead-end streets aren’t used as often.

Fixing Pawling Street could be a complicated and costly project because it would involve replacing storm sewers, water lines and sidewalks. Council members will have to budget for the project.

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