Senators Schumer and Gillibrand react to President’s speech

Local News

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer says he is not impressed with President Trump’s speech before a joint session of Congress.

In a tweet, Schumer called it “more populist talk,” adding “American people want action and the president has enacted hard right policies.”

The New York Democrat said the President is at odds with what he says to the working people and what he does for the wealthy and special interests.

Meanwhile, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is also reacting to President Trump’s speech to the Joint Session of Congress.

The Democratic lawmaker issued a statement saying “President Trump made it clear in his speech that many of his top priorities are still severely out of touch with our values in New York.”

She further criticized the President saying “We heard more of the same talk about lowering taxes for rich corporations, building an expensive border wall, and gutting the Affordable Care Act.”

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