Stefanik Urges Army Not To Award Back Pay To Bergdahl

Local News

Rep. Elise Stefanik is one of 100 lawmakers signing onto a letter urging the Army not to award back pay to Bowe Bergdahl.

The Watertown Times reports that the letter was organized by Rep. Rick Crawford of Arkansas & comes following reporting by the Army Times that Bergdahl, captive for five years, is eligible for back pay as well as extra pay for captive soldiers that could be worth over $300,000. A spokesman for Stefanik, said the congresswoman has the utmost admiration and respect for those who serve our nation, however, she believes the U.S. Army should not award Bergdahl back pay for the time his fellow soldiers were jeopardizing their lives trying to save him when, by his own admission, he had deserted his position.

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