Tedra Cobb invites the President to a Healthcare Roundtable

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Tedra Cobb welcomes the Presidential visit to Fort Drum to sign the John S. McCain National
Defense Authorization Act and to honor the men and women of the 10th Mountain Division and
their families.

Ms. Cobb invites the President to a Healthcare Roundtable on Monday to meet with others in
the district to better understand constituent concerns. Cobb will meet with residents who have
lost their health coverage or who can barely afford it as well as healthcare professionals to talk
about how Congress should improve health care and make it more affordable, especially in rural

Cobb says, “As a Candidate and future Representative, I will work across the aisle with anyone
to advance the interests of my friends and neighbors. I welcome this opportunity to discuss the
effects legislation passed in Washington has on the lives of people in Northern New York.
Making healthcare affordable and accessible is critical to the people of our region and I urge the
President to join me in listening to their concerns . “

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