Watertown City School’s new busing company has reached out to area drivers; will use high-tech apps

Local News

The company taking over busing for the Watertown City School District is hoping to have area drivers working for it next school year.

First Student was chosen by the Watertown school board to replace Freeman Bus, which had worked with the district for the last six decades. First Student’s bid, however, was reportedly about $6 million cheaper than Freeman’s.

According to 7 News, the busing business says it met with 35 “incumbent drivers” and is hoping they come on board. Further, First Student also plans to use technology for upgraded safety features. An app that tracks buses to allow parents to monitor the location of their children.

The buses will also reportedly be equipped with an alarm that sounds if a driver does not check for sleeping children at the end of each run. First Student takes over for Freeman officially this July.

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