Watertown PD calls into question City Council’s plan to reopen pool

Local News

The city of Watertown isn’t just dealing with a fire department dispute, its police members are also without a contract, and as that battle continues the Watertown Daily Times reports police officials are questioning why the city agreed to spend potentially $2.4 million on a new pool but has yet to agree on a new deal with officers.

Detective Charles Bickel told the Times, “If the city has the money to make the repairs to the pool, then the city is not that financially destitute.” Council member Mark Walczyk, who campaigned on reopening the pool, reportedly said the police contract and the pool are unrelated issues. Fellow lawmaker Cody Horbacz, another strong proponent of the pool, said “they’re missing that we’re all a part of a team.”

The city is also in another contract fight with members of the Civil Service Employees Association, which indicated to the Times that the pool might be an issue in those negotiations as well.

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