Watertown slammed by 3 feet of snow, residents digging out

Local News

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – The “North Country” was slammed by three feet of lake effect snow since Wednesday and conditions Thursday were nearly impossible to drive in.

24 hours later the sun is out, and it’s time for people to dig themselves out of the snow.

“It was pretty rough last night, they even had the plows off the road,” said Watertown resident Cartina Green.

Patrick Keenan, superintendent of public works for the city of Watertown said, “In my 30 years here, I think we’ve only pulled the plows off the road once or twice”.

Keenan says the city normally gets around 100 inches of snow on average. So far they’ve already gotten 88, and February has just begun.

Concern now shifts to what happens when the temperatures warm up this weekend.

Watertown Mayor Joseph Butler said, “because that’ll make a real big mess and we’ll have some flooding issues at certain spots throughout the city.

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