BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Little to no rainfall and now smoke from the Canadian wildfires are becoming growing concerns for Central New York farmers.

The uncertain weather patterns put Reeves Farms in quite a jam. A late May frost damaged nearly half of the farm’s sweet corn crop and killed off most of their squash.

“Obviously now with the smoke in the sky that’s actually causing temperatures to be low as well and then there’s no sun so it’s not the best growing conditions when things are 60 and no sun,” said the Manager and Co-Owner of Reeves Farms Karin Reeves.

As a result of the cool conditions, it’s shaping up to be a slow strawberry harvest.

“By now we’d have lots and lots of strawberries,” Reeves said. “This cool weather has kind of delayed things a little bit.”

Reeves said this is one of the more difficult growing seasons and she’s doing her best to adapt to the changes.

Reeves Farms fruit stand is open for the season.

They will have strawberries available for sale, pick your own dates have not been set.