Made in NNY: Bernadette Clark – Part 2

Made in NNY

NEW YORK (WWTI) — In part two of Alex’s interview with Judge Bernadette Clark we learn about the challenges she faced as a judge and the values that she applies to her work.  When Clark first ran to be a family court judge she was attacked for her appearance and people questioned her validity as a judge. 

Clark has now established herself as a strong presence in the courtroom, crushing the harsh comments from those who doubted her. Clark says she has done this by holding true to certain values and experience that she learned as a prosecutor. 

When it comes to making decisions in the courtroom Clark says that listening is key. She knows that her job comes with a huge responsibility and she takes it very seriously. Clark listens carefully to what all sides have to say and she takes every detail into account when making decisions. 

Clark has gone through divorce herself and feels that this has helped her connect more with some of the parents she sees in court. Clark knows how it feels to be in their shoes and can relate to them. 

“When I’m your judge everybody is on a level playing field,” Clark said. “I’m a clean slate, fill it in. You tell me your story.” 


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