Mega Buzz: Crowley Lives and Sam Sees a Familiar Face on Supernatural

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The King of Hell will return!

Last season’s Supernatural cliff-hanger left the fate of Crowley (Mark Sheppard) up in the air when Castiel (Misha Collins), compelled by a powerful spell, attacked him. At the Comic-Con panel for Supernatural, Sheppard wouldn’t reveal whether Crowley lived or died, but later, co-producer and writer Andrew Dabb slipped up. “The second episode of the season… introduces Crowley in a way [pauses and clears throat] — if Crowley were still alive, we’d introduce Crowley in a way we’ve never seen him before. Uh, fail! Now I’m in trouble.”

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Dabb then elaborated that the story also means big things for Sam (Jared Padalecki). “I would also say that it sets Sam on a path and a story that in some ways will be surprising and in some ways fans have been waiting on for a long time. It ties up with something in his past.” Added Padalecki: “Sam believes there’s a higher power trying to contact him to tell him how to solve this problem. It’s going to be really cool. We’re going to see a few characters via visions that we haven’t seen in Supernatural in a long time. One may or may not be related to the character.”

Could this mean the long-awaited return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Papa Winchester? Or their mom? Share your best guesses in the comments.

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