Mega Buzz: Will Captain Holt Leave Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

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Andre Braugher | Photo Credits: Erica Parise/Fox

On the Season 2 finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher) is faced with being transferred out of the 99, thanks to a diabolical scheme by his nemesis, Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch (guest star Kyra Sedgwick). But Holt isn’t going to leave his loyal detectives for a boring desk job without a fight.

Holt enlists help from two of the precinct’s finest to execute an undercover operation that may just put Madeline out to Wuntch (ha!). But he better keep an eye on her because the deputy chief is very, very hands-on with Holt, and will not let him forget who’s boss.

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Meanwhile, Jake (Andy Samberg) can’t let go of his feelings for Amy (Melissa Fumero), despite her vow not to date another cop. Nevertheless, co-creator Dan Goor tells, “Jake realizes he has to act. In the finale, they’re on a case together. They are trying to catch a guy who has a laptop with stolen identities on it. And there is a kiss. Kissing happens. Lips will be locked.”

But don’t expect either of them to change their relationship status just yet. “The cliff-hangers have to do with [Holt’s] goodbye and the Jake and Amy story,” Goor says.

Who do you think will prevail: Holt or Wuntch? Would Jake and Amy be good together?

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