MEXICO, N.Y (WSYR-TV)– Ben McDonald is no stranger to clearing off snowy driveways, he’s been doing it since he was 12 years old. He got his start by lending a helping hand to his neighbors. Fast forward a few decades and an upgrade to a tractor and McDonald’s making a living off plowing driveways. 

Thursday was no different as he cleared off the parking lot of a funeral home in Mexico, N.Y. after almost a foot of snow was dumped on the region in the first significant snowfall.

I get up this morning I’m like ‘wow we’re getting some snow.’ It’s so heavy this is very heavy snow to be shoveling.

Ben McDonald

And that’s exactly what Wendy Mazzolini was doing just a few doors down, clearing off the end of her driveway so the heating contractors could pull in. Mazzolini had been without heat the whole day after a brief power outage likely knocked out her heat.

It’s about 61 degrees in there right now, I do have a little heater in my office and I have a little heater upstairs in my bedroom.

Wendy Mazzolini

Luckily the contractors showed up during our interview to fix her heat. As for all the snow, both neighbors say it’s nothing new!