ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Jason McElwain, the local basketball star more commonly known as ‘J-Mac,’ is out of the hospital and recovering from a bicycle accident two weeks ago in Greece. 

J-Mac says he’s fortunate to be alive and is focused on his recovery. Despite the serious injuries he suffered from the crash, he’s back on the move.

Right now and in the days and weeks ahead, he says keeping a positive mindset is key.

After spending that time recovering in the hospital, J-Mac was discharged Tuesday with a warm welcome home from family and friends.

“It was like a dream come true, like I won the national championship,” said McElwain. 

Now, he says, his main concern lies on the road ahead.

“From this day forward, I want to focus on my recovery. It takes time to recover from any injury. I’m not used to having time on my hands. And so, I’m getting up and walking. Yesterday, I walked for 50 minutes,” said McElwain. 

J-Mac says he just has to keep moving, and says he’s grateful to be alive after what happened but says he won’t dwell on it.

“The thing is it’s called mind over matter. I’ve got plenty of my life to do. Positive thoughts bring positive results,” said McElwain. 

He also thanks the community for the continued support.

“You definitely have to learn your health is number one. More than anything in the world, it’s number one and number two, you’ve got to cherish every moment you get in your life. You’ve got to cherish every moment you get with family and friends – you can’t take anything for granted,” said McElwain. 

With ongoing rehab, J-Mac is looking ahead to the future. He plans to continue coaching at local basketball camps this summer and start his third year working with Greece Central’s Department of Transportation in the fall.