ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — New York’s Department of Health (DOH) announced new federal plans to accelerate distribution of the JYNNEOS vaccine for monkeypox and smallpox on Monday. DOH said the updated distribution plan means that 3,560 more vials will be delivered to the state this week.

The new plan to release all remaining doses in the current round comes after the FDA recent authorized the emergency of the intradermal administration method of the vaccine. DOH said this method makes each vial of medicine worth four to five full doses, supporting a faster vaccine rollout. With new training, DOH said all providers will be using the new method for both first and second doses by August 29.

DOH said that adjusting doses based on administration method is common in antibiotics, vaccines, and anesthesia. The intradermal route, using 0.1 ml as a full dose, is consistent with the previous method that used 0.5 ml. Phase 4, next in the national monkeypox vaccine rollout, should start early next week.

“Our primary goal is to prevent the spread of this virus by increasing the immunity of as many at-risk individuals as possible,” said State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett. “This latest delivery of vaccine vials from the federal government, delivered by the newly authorized method of administration, will mean more vaccine doses for more people.”

Of the 3,560 new vaccine vials, 900 will be delivered to Suffolk County, 440 to Erie County, 400 to Nassau County, 300 Orange County, 140 to Monroe County, 100 to Columbia County, 40 to Rockland County, and 20 to Sullivan County. DOH will also reserve 100 emergency vials in case of new outbreaks.

Anyone can get monkeypox, and older New Yorkers, those with weakened immune systems, pregnant people, and children under 8 may be at higher risk. It’s spread mainly through close physical contact. Even so, the current outbreak is disproportionately affecting gay, bisexual, transgender, and gender non-conforming men who have sex with men.