Name a roach after your ex this Valentine’s Day


Name a Madagascar hissing cockroach for Valentine’s Day (Source: the Bronx Zoo)

BRONX, N.Y. (NEWS10) — In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Bronx Zoo has the extremely romantic idea of naming a roach after your loved one. The zoo calls its Name-a-Roach program “the only gift that will last forever.”

The Bronx Zoo invites you to name one of its 50,000 Madagascar hissing cockroaches after a current or ex-romantic partner, beloved (or despised) family member, old friend, or gravest enemy.

Of course, you can pick any roach and name it after somebody. But for $15, the zoo sends a colorful, official certificate to the namesake announcing that a cockroach has been named in their honor.

“Sealed with a hiss,” the zoo says.

It also offers a very upscale, upgraded gift package that includes a roach scented candle and roach socks for $50. Donations for this lighthearted gift help protect wildlife and wilderness in New York.

The Bronx Zoo has been naming roaches for Valentine’s since 2011. It says the names often draw inspiration from politics, music, movies, and sports.

The largest roach species on earth, Madagascar hissing cockroaches grow up to four inches. They hiss in self defense. Like most roach species, they are not considered pests as they rarely enter homes.

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