(KTLA) — Netflix is planning to open new destinations where guests can dine, shop and be immersed in themed experiences based on the platform’s popular movies and shows in various cities.

Josh Simon, the company’s vice president of consumer products, told Bloomberg, who first reported the news, that the streamer plans to open the first two locations in the U.S. by 2025 and then expand to other destinations worldwide.

Netflix is looking at cities such as Tokyo, New York and Mexico City as potential hubs for the new destination, known as Netflix House.

“We’ve seen how much fans love to immerse themselves in the world of our movies and TV shows, and we’ve been thinking a lot about how we take that to the next level,” Simon told Bloomberg.

Netflix House will be the company’s first permanent site after it has experimented with pop-up locations for the past few years.

These experiences include “The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience,” which has already traveled to multiple cities.

Management at Netflix views the new business venture as a way to promote new shows and movies rather than generate revenue. Media companies traditionally relied on toys, products and other merchandising products to promote and generate extra money for its titles, Bloomberg reported.

Netflix House will have rotating installments, including ticketed experiences and food and beverages from unscripted shows. The food and drinks will range from casual to more high-end offerings.

During an interview with Bloomberg, Simon declined to provide more concrete details about the experience, citing that the company is still figuring out the final details.