UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – At the Uptown Theatre for Creative Arts on Friday, May 13th, Mayor Palmieri provided an update on several projects happening around the city as part of the Utica Prosperity Initiative.

“Two entrepreneurs who came from California came back to their roots in Utica, New York, and invested their time, their heart, and their soul in bringing back the Uptown Theatre,” said Mayor Palmieri. “To what we feel is going to be a cornerstone for South Utica.”

The Utica Prosperity Initiative was created after the city received national ARPA funding.

Members of the community then worked together to allocate the funding and determine the city’s top priorities, programs, and projects.

And while this strategic investment will improve the overall quality of life for residents, it will also increase revenue for the city.

“If everyone’s looking for why we’re investing – it is to continue with our sales tax so it’s robust,” said Palmieri.

He continued, “So we’ll be able to do more roads, more streets, more sidewalks – to be able to give the services that not only the people require, but for the new individuals and new millennials that are coming into our city that becomes again – the best little city in America.”

Co-founder of Uptown Theatre for Creative Arts, Briana Mahoney, says she’s grateful for the mayor for the decision to invest in the theatre.

“After all of these years of having people come in to see some of the shows we’ve been doing, and asking about what’s happening, we can’t wait to finally open the doors and bring people in there on the main stage in the real theatre,” said Mahoney.

And for all those wondering if the famous Uptown Theatre movie showings will be back…

“Yes, we are still going to show movies as well!”

Be sure to stay on the lookout for current events coming to the Uptown Theatre.