Panel discusses potential flaws with marijuana expungement laws


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Local lawmakers are sitting down with those who have been negatively impacted by marijuana laws.

Officials say when it comes to expunging records, it may not be that easy for everyone.
For people who are currently serving a conviction, those records will be expunged automatically within one year.

But, if someone has already served their sentence, they will potentially need to apply to have their record eliminated.

“This legislation to legalize adult use recreational marijuana is not about just changing the rules of the game,” Sen. Jeremy Cooney said.

“It’s about ensuring equity in that game. It’s about making sure that people get their lives back. It’s about making sure that we re-address the harm that we have done for decades in cities like Rochester and all across New York.”

State officials plan to have a follow-up in-person clinic on July 17.

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