Echo the horse fighting for a second chance at life

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OLD CHATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Lynn Cross has dedicated her life to helping animals. She is the owner of Little Brook Farm, a horse sanctuary in Columbia County. When she learned that a horse named Echo, who had been neglected in a field in Central New York needed help, it was no surprise she said yes to taking him in even though she’s never met the horse in person.

“A dealer had just purchased him, and he was planning on taking the horse to auction, which would have been horrible because they go to slaughter, often. He was 22 and hadn’t been handled in all those years,” explained Cross.

After purchasing Echo from the dealer, Cross has been boarding him in Central New York. Last Thursday, Echo began showing signs of being off balance and even fell. Echo desperately needed help from veterinarians.

“We hired a trailer to come out, and he had a board we could slide under the horse and around 12 people gathered. Lifting him on to the board and on to the trailer and off he went to Cornell.”

Things weren’t looking good for Echo.

“The vet wasn’t very positive initially. Very guarded. She said to keep my phone with me overnight because she might be making that phone call.”

While his illness is still a mystery at this point, vets have put him in a suspended sling to help him stand. As the days have gone on, his health has started improving.

“The vet today called and said he’s doing much better,” said Cross.

Once Echo is well enough to be released from Cornell, he will come home to live at Little Brook Farm, surrounded with other horses to keep him company after years of isolation.

For those interested in donating to Little Brook Farm to help pay for Echo’s medical expenses, you can email Lynn Cross at:

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