Pfizer could soon offer COVID vaccine to ages 12 to 15


(WSYR-TV) — Now that all adults have access to the coronavirus vaccine, scientists are working to protect kids, too, especially as more variants continue to spread. Health departments are seeing more children catch the virus.

But help could soon be on the way, as early as nextweek. The Pfizer vaccine has been approved for those 16 and up, but the company has also tested the vaccine on those ages 12-15 and they say it has proven to be 100% effective so far.

Pfizer submitted that data to the FDA, and now they’re waiting to get emergency approval so they can get those shots in littler arms. the CEO says that approval could come as early as next week.

NewsChannel 9 sat down with Dr. Stephen Thomas, the Chief of Infectious Diseases at Upstate, and the lead investigator for the adult version of the Pfizer trials, and he says vaccinating this very active age group would be a game changer, not only for in-person learning, but sports and other social activities. 

“It’s three grades, depending upon how the district is organized, it could be a whole school. Right, it could be a middle school or something like that. So if you could have a high school and a junior high school and a middle school all vaccinated, thats a really big deal,” Dr. Thomas said.

Dr. Thomas doesn’t believe this age group needs to take any extra precautions. He says it’s a case by case basis. So for example, people who have severe allergies should check in with their doctor to make sure they’re not allergic to anything in the shot.

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