PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WROC) — Parking options for the PGA Championship just outside the Oakhill Country Club will look a little different this year with those who live off Kilbourn Rd. and other side streets restricted to how many cars they can allow park in their yards and how they sell them. 

In the past, anyone who lives in this neighborhood just outside the main entrance to Oakhill could fill their yards with as many cars as they wanted to make extra money. And any driver could come in looking to park. But this year there’s restrictions homeowners must follow.  

For 25 years, Mike Cameron has lived off Kilbourn Rd. and always looks forward to opening his yard where he’s fit up to 50 cars for golf fans. But this year, he says he’ll only be allowed 15 after the town sent out new rules.  

“They’ve known this for years going on, I think a little warning for the neighbors would have only been helpful,” Cameron argued. “People are going out of their way to make themselves available to help guests come to park and all of a sudden it’s a wasted effort.”  

Officials with the PGA Championship explained this year additional shuttles and groups will be using the Kilbourn gate. Adding in a statement, “Additional neighborhood traffic volume will increase with the presence of ridesharing. The plan to use resident hangtags on certain homes is a measure to reduce general public traffic among shuttle routes and pedestrians.”  

Cameron argues this will still cost him and his neighbors thousands of dollars and claims there’s never been trouble in the past with traffic and crowds. He’s already called to cancel some people’s spots.  

“About 6-7 major tournaments I’ve been here for and I’ve never seen an argument, a car bump into each other or nothing,” Cameron continued. “So, the overreach about blocking the regular traffic I think is a little out of line.”  

Others, like Ann-Marie Pavone who lives on the other side of Kilbourn Rd. feel it’s necessary for traffic control and security. 

“With all the things that are going on in the world these days,” Pavone said. “Being extra cautious and taking safety precautions is a great idea. 15 cars in your driveway and yard should be enough if you want to make a little extra money.”  

At the end of the day, those in the Oak Hill area are still anxious for the championship and ready to make the best of it all no matter what.  

“We’re excited, this will be the first one for my wife to see,” Michael Donahue told us. “And I told her what it’s going to be like around here, crazy for a couple of days but it’s fun.”  

Parking on the streets in virtually the entire Kilbourn neighborhood is prohibited along with East Ave. during the PGA Championships. To read the full letter from Pittsford and tournament officials, see the images below.