Police urge drivers to stop for pedestrians


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With Halloween only a few days away, it is important to be on the lookout for people crossing the streets. This week is also Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Week.

In Washington Park on Wednesday afternoon, NEWS10’s Jamie DeLine joined Albany Police Sgt. Joshua Laiacona, undercover to see if drivers were obeying traffic laws. Cameras were rolling as a car failed to stop for them in a cross walk.

“If a pedestrian is in the crosswalk, we have to stop for them,” said Sgt. Laiacona. “As we have seen today, that doesn’t always happen.”

In the span of two hours, a total of eight drivers received failure to yield tickets. One was even caught speeding.

Today’s operation was all a part of the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee’s “See and Be Seen” Campaign.

Sgt. Laiacona shared this reminder to drivers as to when they should stop before a crosswalk:

“A good rule of thumb is 10 to 15 feet for sure, but they should be slowing down as they approach the crosswalk and come to a complete stop. And wait for the pedestrian to be completely out of the crosswalk.”

However, it’s not just drivers that can get tickets. Pedestrians can get them, too, for jaywalking.

Albany Police say when it comes to safety, it’s a two-way street—both pedestrians and drivers need to pay attention.

“We are out here today because it is enforcement week, but we do this all the time, all year,” explained Laiacona. “We address this and we take pedestrian safety seriously because our unit, specifically the traffic safety unit, see the consequences when people don’t obey this law. When people don’t follow the rules of the road, people do get hurt and killed sometimes.”


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