(WETM) — Internationally, all eyes are turning to Russia, as the world reacts to what is now officially being called an invasion. This action comes as Ukraine moves to introduce a state of emergency. The United States, NATO, and the European Union are increasing pressure on Russia with sanctions.

Some officials say the United States needs to show peace through strength by having a united, consistent message about this crisis to the world. President Biden called Russian President Vladamir Putin’s actions a flagrant violation of international law. Many political experts say the Russian troop movement, deemed a “peacekeeping mission” by the Kremlin, is a violation of international law and agreements between Ukraine and Russia; however, there is no international body to stop Russia from violating these rules.

“Unfortunately, the only one who can stop Putin at this moment is Putin himself,” Professor Brian Taylor, a political science professor at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, said.

Effective messaging from the West is critical to slowing down an invasion. Rep. Tom Reed told 18 News there needs to be unity from strength to show the rest of the world these actions are unacceptable. Professor Nicholas Rostow added agreement in the West can be hard to coordinate. This level of diplomacy is something the world has not seen since the 1990s, according to Professor Rostow.

“I think it’s part of Putin’s ambition to split NATO and I suspect that he’s been surprised by how effectively President Biden has responded to his assault,” Professor Rostow added.

Rep. Reed has been highly critical of the President’s response, saying he is concerned by the “conflicting messages” the President has given about minor incursions. Now, the President and Congress are imposing economic and energy sanctions on Russia, but some say it is just one tool to limit invasion.

“It’s never too late. You have to use all the tools in the toolbox in my humble opinion. What the administration needs to do is just put the past behind it send a clear and direct message to Putin,” Rep. Reed.

Economic sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and limiting bank transactions with Russia could impact Russian elites, according to the experts. It is unclear if it will be enough to stop or limit Putin.

“There are very few examples where economic sanctions have changed a nation’s policy,” Professor Rostow added.

The experts say this could be a scare tactic, similar to ones used during the Cold War, but an invasion could be very deadly resulting in loss of life and thousands of refugees fleeing Europe.