POLL: Majority of New Yorkers say worst of pandemic is yet to come


LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — In the latest Siena Poll 62 percent of those surveyed said they think the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is yet to come and 27 percent think the worst is over.

“Majorities of every demographic, except Republicans, think that we haven’t seen the worst of the pandemic, and majorities of every demographic want the government to concentrate on containing the virus even if the economy suffers,” according to director Don Levy. “Nearly 80 percent are concerned that they, or another member of their household, will get sick with COVID-19.”

The results of the poll found that people are okay with the economy suffering if it means containing the spread. Other findings of the poll include the public is uncertain that schools will reopen this fall.

The results showed 18 percent of New Yorkers think it is very likely and 46 percent say it’ somewhat likely that school buildings will reopen by September.

The poll asked questions about the comfort level of eating at restaurants, enjoying recreational activities, going to a barbershop or salon and visiting a beach or lake-shore.

You can view the entire poll and its results here.


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