Poll: Most New York parents of remote students say distance learning fails


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NEW YORK (NEWS10) — According to a “Reopening Stronger” poll from the Education Trust-New York, under half of all parents of school-aged kids in New York say it’s been a success. All told, only 39% of parents surveyed said remote learning is successful. Another 18% are not involved in remote learning at all.

This means that only 48% of parents surveyed in New York with remote students rate it as successful. Meanwhile, 86% are concerned about their child falling behind academically, with 59% listed as very concerned. Contracting coronavirus represents a top concern for 84% of parents.

Nearly two months into the new school year, parents traditionally considered disadvantaged are expressing numerous concerns about the quality of remote learning options. Since school buildings closed in the spring, families say they’ve worried over the availability of teachers, the amount of live instruction, the availability of high-speed internet, access to personal devices, and student attendance and engagement.

Would be helpfulSchool is doing this
95%42%Giving regular feedback on academic performance
95%48%Putting parents in regular contact with the teacher
94%48%Giving students regular live access to the teacher
94%41%Informing parents about meeting grade-level expectations
92%38%Providing extra support to children struggling academically
92%38%Providing technical support
91%40%Providing regular contact with or access to a counselor
90%53%Lending mobile technology like laptops or tablets

The survey indicates low satisfaction with remote learning and insufficient support from schools. The educational justice advocates at EdTrustNY say the poll highlights the need for stronger oversight, expectation, and transparency from the state to address parental concerns. In particular, they emphasized the importance of stronger educational support for students of color, those from low-income backgrounds, non-native speakers, and students with disabilities or experiencing homelessness.

The poll includes responses from 800 parents of New York public school children from October 16 to 21.

Take a look at the statewide findings below:

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