PULASKI, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Robin Philips is the only florist in Pulaski. Designs of Elegance has been in business for 25 years, but it’s a career path she says found her.

“I have college degrees in history and American studies with a minor in political science. I always thought I’d go to Washington, D.C. but not to decorate,” Philips explained.

She wanted to work in embassies overseas. To help pay for her apartment off campus, she got a job delivering flowers in Oswego. After she graduated, there was a government hiring freeze, so she stayed at that florist.

“I learned so much from the ladies there, they were amazing,” Philips recalled.

Her original dream now taking a different form.

“I sent a card to the head White House florist and I sent a card to the White House Social Secretary saying that I was interested in applying to be a volunteer to decorate the White House for Christmas,” Philips said.

Earlier this month she received an email inviting her to make the trip.

What would her dream design be at the White House?

“Oh that would be hard narrowing that down I think I’d like to do something that depicts Pulaski,” Philips said. “Maybe something with some dried thistle and some rose hips, kind of something Christmas in the country.”

She doesn’t know exactly what her role will be yet, but Robin is ready for any assignment.

“It’s the White House. It’s not red, it’s not , it’s the people’s house.

Robin Philips, Designs of Elegance Owner and Designer

And she’s one of the people helping to make it festive this Christmas.

She will head to Washington D.C. Sunday and will be there for a week.