Recycler Thrives On Challenge

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Recycling efforts have grown over the years as the collection process gets easier. And one local company has thrived on finding ways to recover even more from its customers trash.

One Source Recycling C.E.O. Ed Schmitt says finding new ways to beat his competition is fun.

“We like to figure out how we can process effectively something that someone else can’t, that gives us an edge, we can get more accounts that way.”

Getting an edge has been One Source’s goal since 1996. The company doesn’t own a landfill…meaning they only make money on the stuff they can recover.

“These are loads that have just been dumped so the challenge will be pushing this in and getting it processed before the end of the day.”

They collect trash from commercial customers and sort out the cardboard, aluminum, and plastic. They’ve worked hard to be the best at it.

“Throw all your recyclables in together, we’ll define what they are, its a pretty encompassing definition, throw it all together, we’ll sort it out and divert as much as economically viable from the landfill.”

The recycler was first to practice single stream recycling in 1999…meaning it can sort paper, glass, and plastic without having them separated first. They sorted Rockford’s recycling and still process other cities’ collections. Each day One Source Recycling can process several truckloads of recyclables.

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